There is only one specialist name in paint

There is only one name that goes beyond colour

Herbert Evans
Specialist Fine Art Supply Shops

For everything and anything you need for any artistic expression. For fine artists; for graphic artist professionals; for scrapbooking and creative hobby enthusiasts; for school, for fun, for anyone wanting to express themselves beyond colour, you’ll find what you’re looking for and more in Herbert Evans.

Herbert Evans
Premium Paint & Paint Material Stores

Premium paints for walls, floors and roofing; for indoor and outdoor - everything you need for a quality paint solution including service and advice from enthusiastic experts. For your home; for your factory; for just about anywhere; from tins of paint for a touch up to industrial barrels. Herbert Evans is the name. We're not a general paint store. We're paint specialists that provide only premium products and solutions beyond the average.
Think beyond colour. Think Herbert Evans.

Libra Paints Decorative & Industrial Paint Manufacturing

As Libra Paints, we have been manufacturing since 1977 – as specialists producing a range of superior quality paint and coatings suited to both decorative and industrial purposes. Our factory and laboratory in Springfield in Johannesburg is state-of-the-art with modern production capabilities (in both quantity and quality), as well as distribution and service standards that have earned a reputation for excellence. Libra Paints is uncompromising and now operates under a name with an equally proud heritage for quality and innovation. Herbert Evans.