Herbert Evans. There is only one name that goes beyond colour.

About Herbert Evans

The Herbert Evans Group of companies offers specialist fine art supply shops, a number of premium paints and painting hardware retailers offering a range of products for domestic and commercial customers and our Libra paints factory that produces and supplies industrial and decorative paints.

With Herbert Evans you will find inspiration and innovation that is beyond colour.

Our approach
When it comes to art and paint, only Herbert Evans can offer you everything from the finest charcoals for sketching on the finest grain cotton-art-paper to heavy duty industrial flooring paint in aqua-blue.  Why shouldn't you put some colour into your factory floor?  By understanding creativity and chemistry, we can turn every surface into a canvas. It's the art of science - and imagination is open to possibilities beyond colour with Herbert Evans. Our products, paint and advice can transform your world.  We're manufacturers with the soul of an artist - which is why we are inspired to offer you so much more than just paint.  We're about service, premium quality in a range of products that are always about excellence - from fine art materials and creative craft supply store to automotive paints to decorative paints to industrial heat resistant paints, we're not general paint people, we're about specialist paint... and the power of artistic expression. In the past, true artists mixed their own paints - they were chemists of creativity; grandmasters of colour and understood texture, surface and application in the creation of a masterpiece. We like to think we're not manufacturers, we're artists who know how to mix and use paint. From materials for purely artistic expression to paints for practical use like road markings, we know that application and purpose are never apart when it comes to paint and a world of art. From the work of art on the wall to a wall that's a work of art, from the smallest fine art brush to paint and coatings that are premium solutions including painting hardware and expert advice to the signature on a delivery note for industrial barrel sized quantities of paint products purpose manufactured for decorative and industrial needs our promise is that with Herbert Evans you will find inspiration and innovation that is beyond colour.

Some History
The origin of the company goes back more than 100 years to 1889 when Herbert Evans arrived in Johannesburg with a cart, a ladder, some paintbrushes and ambition matched only by his integrity. He founded Herbert Evans (Proprietary) Limited - and in 1910 launched the first "ready-mixed" colour paints in South Africa. In 1915, Parthenon became the trademark of Herbert Evans and included the development of a floor polish and a revolutionary "best elastic" carriage varnish formulated to accommodate the expansion and contraction of wooden carriage wheels and underworks. His next step was into the automotive paint business in 1949, when he began preparing coatings under license for AkzoNobel. A reputation for innovation, quality and service was the cornerstone - and the core of a partnership with Chrome Chemicals that formed Plascon in 1970 (now acquired by Kansai from Japan)

Libra Paints has a deep commonality with Herbert Evans - innovation, integrity and uncompromising quality are also our core.  Libra Paints has been a paint manufacturer since 1977- producing quality paint products, including custom made "to spec" solutions, products used in unusual arenas (such as military), specialist heat applications and other specialised paints for industrial applications on factory floors - and of course, producing an outstanding range of colours (on trend and setting trend.)  Libra Paints views paint as a world of art with colour as a foundation but understands that texture and variety of applications is also key. This is the spirit that drives our innovative approach - the surface (or canvas) is always an essential consideration; floors and walls, machinery and metals (a variety of environments from extreme heat to icy-cold), wood and furnishings... usage and need for performance changes everything.  We understand the demands made on 'paint products' - and it shouldn't be limited to what the paint can do.  Paint products should be made to match what you want it to achieve.  It's about thinking beyond paint. Thinking about more than colour. It's about creative demands - and how to create an answer.  With us, science meets art with innovative excellence. The Libra Paints laboratory is capable of identifying and analysing the make-up and chemical composition of paint products in order to  closely product products in the market place. The art of paint is about the performance of the product.

Libra Paints has an outstanding and proud reputation - excellent relationships have been built with customers, although our client base has been limited to the professional trade as the brand has not had a 'consumer' or retail face in which to retail. 

The decision to acquire the Herbert Evans business is an opportunity to grow and develop a retail presence - and offer a new 'POS' purchase of stock facility to our existing customers.  So now, we are business-to-business with a big plus (so it means more flexibility) because with outlets providing point of sale facilities as an alternative way to purchase.

Herbert Evans
Specialist Fine Art Supply Shops

For everything and anything you need for any artistic expression. For fine artists; for graphic artist professionals; for scrapbooking and creative hobby enthusiasts; for school, for fun, for anyone wanting to express themselves beyond colour, you’ll find what you’re looking for and more in Herbert Evans.

Herbert Evans
Premium Paint & Paint Material Stores

Premium paints for walls, floors and roofing; for indoor and outdoor - everything you need for a quality paint solution including service and advice from enthusiastic experts. For your home; for your factory; for just about anywhere; from tins of paint for a touch up to industrial barrels. Herbert Evans is the name. We're not a general paint store. We're paint specialists that provide only premium products and solutions beyond the average.
Think beyond colour. Think Herbert Evans.

Libra Paints Decorative & Industrial Paint Manufacturing

As Libra Paints, we have been manufacturing since 1997 – as specialists producing a range of superior quality paint and coatings suited to both decorative and industrial purposes. Our factory and laboratory in Springfield in Johannesburg is state-of-the-art with modern production capabilities (in both quantity and quality), as well as distribution and service standards that have earned a reputation for excellence. Libra Paints is uncompromising and now operates under a name with an equally proud heritage for quality and innovation. Herbert Evans.