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From the smallest hog-hair paint brushes to art and crafting materials such as beads and glitter; from pens and pencils, from paints to graphite leads;  from inks and waxes to glues and finishing varnishes; from papers of all grades and grammage to boards and canvases; from felt and other materials to acids and metal plates for etching and print making; tools such as cutters and blades to wood chisels; equipment like easels and drawing boards to portfolio cases; everyday office stationery to hardware materials like benzene, thinners and turpentine; from instructive books, manuals and CD's to enthusiastic and informed, helpful staff. Since 1889, there has only been one name to remember. Herbert Evans.

For everything and anything you need for any artistic expression. For fine artists; for graphic artist professionals; for scrapbooking and creative hobby enthusiasts; for school, for fun, for anyone wanting to express themselves beyond colour, you'll find what you're looking for and more in Herbert Evans.

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