Libra Paints Decorative & Industrial Paint Manufacturing


As Libra Paints, we have been manufacturing since 1977 - as specialists producing a range of superior quality paint and coatings suited to both decorative and industrial purposes.

Our factory and laboratory in Springfield in Johannesburg is state-of-the-art with modern production capabilities (in both quantity and quality), as well as distribution and service standards that have earned a reputation for excellence. Libra Paints is uncompromising and now operates under a name with an equally proud heritage for quality and innovation. Herbert Evans.

Our logistics infrastructure allows us to continue delivering excellence to Gauteng and surrounding areas on a daily basis, while our Herbert Evans retail stores provides a new and flexible channel for purchase of all our products - and also means we can now offer our premium paint and coatings products to smaller businesses and the domestic market so everyone can enjoy quality and creativity beyond colour.  Whether in a tin or an industrial sized barrel as Herbert Evans, we will continue to offer Libra Paints as a range of products and we will continue in all our expert manufacturing under the same strict ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

Our factory and laboratory are regulated to ensure we comply with quality standards set out by the SABS - although that is only our minimum standard. Raw materials and paint samples are constantly tested in our lab to keep us up-to-date with industry trends and ensure our products suit more than the average requirement. We always strive to go beyond. In quality and a variety, our range of products are manufactured to always be practical in application - but also innovative and contemporary; so that imagination is not limited. We manufacture creative solutions. Colour is a basic.

Go beyond colour with Libra Paints from Herbert Evans.