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We're not a general paint store that offers only decorative applications. We're paint specialists that provide only premium products and solutions beyond the average. Think beyond colour.  Think Herbert Evans.

Premium paints for walls and floors and roofing; for indoor and outdoor - for anywhere;  for metals and surfaces such as glass fibre and plastics; varnishes for woods; specialist coatings for heat, water and acid resistance and non-toxic applications for baby cots and food preparation surfaces; spray paints, chalk paints, acrylics, enamels and polyurethane enamels; bonding agents and additives; everything for preparation of surfaces to finishing touches; from painting materials such as brushes and rollers of all shapes and sizes, specialist equipment such as compressors for spray painting; cleaning agents for brushes, tools, equipment and your hands;  hardware solutions such as thinners and turpentine; sandpapers; gloves, glasses, overalls, ladders, drop-cloths, masking tape - everything you need for a quality paint solution including service and advice from enthusiastic experts.

For your home; for your factory; for your car, for your boat; for just about anywhere; from tins of paint for a touch up to industrial sized barrels. Herbert Evans is the only name to remember.

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